On Sale

On Sale

Bracelet Collection

$35.00 - $50.00

Our Bracelet line is made with a variety of options. Amethyst, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Gold, Silver, Sapphire, and Moldavite are just a few of the options available. Starting at a modest $50 each, these pieces are perfect accents for your favorite ensemble, or to enhance that new watch. Each is made with attention to detail and an eye for style!

If you want a bracelet with custom animal head beads or special ordered stones, please call for details and special deals.

Rates and Prices

We hold quality as one of our core values. Every piece is made unique.

Existing sets run from $40 to $200, depending on quality of materials and rarity of finds.

Pendants cost from $20 to $140, depending on type of gemstone and detail of pendant.

Ear rings and bracelets are open for commission, and cost from $20 to $60 depending on quality of gemstone.

If something absolutely special is desired - be it a birthday present, holiday gift, or for any special occasion - please contact us at the phone number below!


To buy any of our beautiful pieces, please email sam.tuck@dragondreams.org, or call (870) 206-0786. We accept payments via PayPal, check, and money order. Before a set is shipped, payment must be received. Shipping costs will be added and the total will be given before payment is requested.